Introduction to Course Content

Course Synopsis:

Because the devil hates the Church of Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation the Bible is filled with accounts of spiritual warfare. We are born, live our life, and die on battlefield earth. Without understanding this basic biblical truth, the Church will often fail to understand the purpose and power of prayer, which gives us
victory through Jesus on this battlefield each day.

The Devil Goes to Church will help you develop a foundational understanding of spiritual warfare both individually and corporately. You will discover the practical role of prayer personally as it keeps you connected to your Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ, and as it applies to the corporate life within your church.

Small-Group/Study Leaders:

Please feel free to customize this study for the unique needs of your small group, Bible study or church. We recommend that you go through each lesson prior to sharing it with the group to determine which questions, activities and supplemental materials you wish to utilize. Adapt as you wish!

All written materials will be available to download and print so that every group member can have their own copy of questions, etc.

** IMPORTANT: Each participant should do the Reading ahead of each Lesson so that they are prepared for discussion.

Remote Teaching: If, for example, this course will be taught via a platform such as Zoom, instruct your people to read through the introductory material and watch the video prior to gathering as a group. Discuss content and go through questions, spend time in prayer together, and consider the Next Steps for the week(s) ahead.

Please prepare carefully for the section on Spending Time in Prayer. The prayer time is so important in this study. Feel free to be creative and adaptive depending on the dynamics of your group.

Also, in this course, there are additional study questions at the end of each chapter of The Devil Goes to Church that can supplement the Discussion Questions section of each lesson.



Course Tools:

To enhance your experience, we suggest you have a Bible and a journal, or something to take notes with. You will want to write down how God is speaking or teaching you throughout these lessons.


The Devil Goes to Church: Combating the Everyday Attacks of Satan by David Butts will be the primary text for this course.

*We strongly suggest that each person has a copy of the book in order to have the best engagement with the course.   You can purchase the book here:

Optional Consultation/Question-Answer Session:

For this course, there is an option to have a one-hour session with the teacher, David Butts. This time can be used in any way that you wish, and is subject to the availability of his schedule. There is an additional cost for the consultation session.  More information about arranging for a consultation is contained within the course.

Supplemental Materials

Articles, videos and/or audio files are listed at the end of each lesson and at the end of the course for further study, or to interject into this course as the leader or individual desires. All written materials will be available as PDFs so that they can be printed off as needed.

We are excited to have you join us for this course.  When you are ready click the “Start Course” button.