Roadmap to a Praying Church

 Introduction to Course Content

Your Instructor: Dave Butts

Course Synopsis:

A consistent symbol of serious prayer in the Old Testament is the watchman. God is calling His people today to a biblical level of praying that revolves around the image of a watchman on a wall. It is a call to significant, intense prayer that works in cooperation with God’s purposes. This short course examines the biblical principles of watchful intercession and provides clear, practical instruction for modern watchmen of prayer. Individuals, groups of intercessors, and entire churches wanting to better inform corporate expressions of prayer, will profit from this course.

Pastors/Small Group/Study Leaders:

Here are a few helpful guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of this course for your group/church:

• Customize: Please feel free to customize this study for the unique needs of your small group, Bible study or church. We recommend that you go through each lesson prior to sharing it with the group to determine which questions, activities and supplemental materials you wish to utilize. Adapt as you wish!

• Reading: This short course does not have a suggested textbook; however, there will be a variety of articles, blogs, etc. as well as passages of Scripture that will be part of the reading assignments. Participants should be encouraged to do the reading ahead of each lesson so that they are prepared for discussion.

• PDFs: So that all course content is easily accessible to everyone, we are making the following available as PDFs:

1. A master pdf is available on this page containing all lesson materials with the exception of Supplemental Materials and videos.  Download Master PDF
2. Each lesson page will have a pdf of the content of the lesson with the exception of Supplemental Materials and videos.
3. There is also a pdf available of just the Discussion Questions on each lesson page.

• Remote Teaching: If, for example, this course will be taught via a platform such as Zoom, utilize the tutorial link below to be sure everyone is instructed about how to take part. As the leader, you need to know your platform well in order to help others.
Have your people do the reading and go through the introductory material prior to the lesson time. With everyone together on Zoom, watch the video, go through the discussion questions, spend time in prayer and introduce the next steps.

Here are some helpful tutorials if you would like to use Zoom as a tool to present any of the information in this course.  Click for Zoom Tutorials 




Course Tools:

To enhance your experience, we suggest you have a Bible and a journal, or something to take notes with. You will also want to write down how God is speaking or teaching you throughout these lessons.


• Watchmen on the Wall utilizes articles and videos only. There is no required textbook.
Additional reading from the Bible and other sources will be suggested for both lessons.

Optional Consultation & Question-Answer Session:

For this course, there is an option to have a one-hour session with the teacher, David Butts. This time can be used in any way that you wish, and is subject to the availability of his schedule. There is an additional cost for the consultation session.  More information about arranging for a consultation is contained within the course.

Consultation Details


We are excited to have you join us for this course.  When you are ready click the “Start Course” button.