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Although this FREE short course, Watchmen on the Wall, is designed with only two lessons, it is set up for either individual or group use, much like all of the courses available at PrayerU. This flexibility allows groups to study the content together or individuals to participate at their own pace. 

Your Instructor: Dave Butts

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Course Synopsis

A consistent symbol of serious prayer in the Old Testament is the watchman. God is calling His people today to a biblical level of praying that revolves around the image of a watchman on a wall. It is a call to significant, intense prayer that works in cooperation with God’s purposes. This short course examines the biblical principles of watchful intercession and provides clear, practical instruction for modern watchmen of prayer. Individuals, groups of intercessors, and entire churches wanting to better inform corporate expressions of prayer, will profit from this course.


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Group Participants:

Prior to each week’s lesson, please do the reading, watch the first video and spend time thinking through and answering the discussion questions. This will help you to be well-prepared when your group meets together either in person or online via Zoom (or a similar platform).

Individual Participants:

Go through the lessons at your own pace. There are PDFs of each lesson if you wish to print off the material. Utilize a journal or notebook to answer discussion questions, take notes, and write down what you are hearing from God. 


Course Tools

To enhance your experience, we suggest you have a Bible and a journal, or something to take notes with. You will also want to write down how God is speaking or teaching you throughout these lessons. We have included a PDF file for each Lesson, as well as a PDF just for the discussion questions in case you wish to have a printed copy.


Unlike most other courses on PrayerU, this short course does not utilize a textbook. Assigned reading consists of articles and blogs. Use the available links to read the content. Any article/blog located on the Harvest Prayer Ministries website has a green Print Friendly button at the bottom of the page. This option can also be used if you have difficulty reading the articles on the website and need larger/darker print.

We are excited to have you join us for this course.  When you are ready click the “Start Course” button.