One Hour Consultation

Optional Consultation / Question-Answer Session

What is the cost?

Cost for a one-hour session is $150.

What is the format?

This will be a one-hour Zoom call with the instructor(s) for the course you are working through or perhaps have just finished. The instructor(s) will send the Zoom invite to the group leader ahead of time with complete instructions for engaging the group.

How can we best utilize this time?

You may use your hour any way you wish; however, here are some options to consider:

1. If your group/church has a lot of questions about the topic, the entire time can be a Q&A session.

2. You may request additional teaching by the instructor(s).

The group/church may want to have the instructor(s) address one or more topics related to the course the group is either taking or has recently completed. For example, if you are about to complete The Devil Goes to Church, you may wish to have the instructor address other issues related to spiritual warfare that were not covered in the course. When you fill out the request form, you will be asked to submit the topic(s) so that the instructor(s) has/have time to prepare.

3. Combined Question-Answer/Teaching

If you wish to ask questions and learn more about the topic you are studying, this is a good option. Again, so that the instructor(s) is/are prepared to address the topic, we will ask you to submit your requested topics ahead of time.

How can we schedule a consultation and/or question- answer session? 

There are two ways to schedule:

1. Email us using the Leave a Message form at the bottom left of this page. 

2. Call us at 812-230-3130 between the hours of 8 AM – 4 PM EST to find a date and time that will work for your group. Please leave a message if necessary.

Please be prepared to give the following information for either contact option:

· Name of the person who will be in contact with the instructor(s).

· Email and cell number

· The name of your church (include city and state)

· The course you are taking or have recently completed

· The Time Zone you are located in

· 2-3 different days and times that work for your small group/church, with the time zone. Please keep in mind that the instructor(s) are on Eastern Standard Time. We recognize this may be difficult to schedule if your group meets in the evenings on Pacific Time; however, you may schedule as late as 7-8 PM Pacific (10-11 PM Eastern). If you are in Hawaii or other nations, we will all need to be flexible!

We will respond as soon as possible and will work with you to find a mutually agreeable day and time that will work for the instructor(s) and you and your small group/church. When the date/time is established, you will receive an email with our cancellation/rescheduling policy, a short questionnaire to fill out, as well as a link to make your payment.

Please realize that you may need to consider scheduling a session that is at a different day/time than your regular group meetings.

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