Lesson 1: Lesson Title

Even as believers in Jesus, we are often so focused on this world that we can ignore or forget the realm of the spirit. In this lesson, we examine how the Bible presents the reality of the spiritual world.

In this lesson you will:

• grasp the reality of the invisible world of the spirit.
• see how the world of the spirit interacts and intersects with the physical world around us.
• develop a good understanding of the importance of being aware of the spiritual battle we are engaged in.
• be assured that the war has already been won by Jesus.


• The Devil Goes to Church – (Read the Foreword by Henry Blackaby, pgs. 7-10)
• 2 Kings 6:8-23
• The Devil Goes to Church (Chapter 1, pgs. 15-17) 

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Video 1: The Reality of the Spirit World

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you believe life is war? Explain why you agree or disagree with John Piper’s quote regarding spiritual warfare and prayer.
2. What have you believed about spiritual warfare prior to this course?
3. Do you sometimes feel that you, or others you know, blame every bad thing that happens on the devil? What does Scripture have to say about this kind of thinking?
4. Do you feel you are adequately prepared to deal with the devil’s schemes at this point in your walk with God?
5. How aware are you of the reality of the invisible world of the spirit around you?
6. Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt you were under a spiritual attack? Describe what this was like for you.
7. Has spiritual warfare been much a part of your prayer life? If yes, explain. If no, how do you think understanding spiritual warfare will change your prayer life?
8. How does it make you feel to know that Satan has already been defeated? How do you think this knowledge affects the way you live day to day?

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Watch Dave’s Summary Video (2-3 minutes)

Spend Time in Prayer

Think of a burden, temptation, issue or situation in your life that felt like an attack from the enemy. (Remember, not everything is an enemy attack. Sometimes our own sinful actions or decisions, or those of another, have caused our situation. Here is the difference: If you feel condemnation, that is from Satan. Claim Romans 8:1 – “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” If, however, you feel conviction, it is the Holy Spirit pointing out what needs to change in your life.)

Now, imagine that the full attention of the Father is on this situation, ready to deal with it as soon as you ask. This can forever change how you pray. Just as Elisha prayed for his young servant, you may wish to pray, “Lord, open my eyes to see what is really all around me.” If you feel condemnation, let Romans 8:1 inform your prayer. If you feel convicted, ask God to reveal what needs to be confessed or dealt with in your life. Ask the Father to give you courage and strength to fight whatever battle you are facing. If you are in a group, pray with and for one another. If you are studying this lesson alone, ask someone to pray with you about the situation.

Next Steps:

Practice keeping your spiritual eyes open this week, so that you are able to see what is happening in the realm of the spirit as you pray. Focus your attention on Jesus as you react, pray and worship. Notice how the devil fades into the background. You may want to use a journal as you practice prayer in this way.


Supplemental Material for Lesson 1:

Short Video – Tony Evans: Victory in Spiritual Warfare

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