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Watchmen on the Wall Course

Watch and Pray: Staying Alert in a Troubled World
Issue 28 PrayerConnect Magazine

We are called to be watchmen on the walls as intercessors. We need to discern the times and pray as watchmen. This issue explains what that looks like and will equip you to take up that role in prayer. There are several fantastic articles to help you dig deeper into this topic! If you would like to purchase a hard copy of this magazine, here is the link: http://www.prayershop.org/Watch-and-Pray-p/pcm-0117-mg-028.htm

Here are a few of the many expressions of 24-7 Prayer around our nation and internationally:

Justice House of Prayer DC

24-7 Prayer International

International House of Prayer – Kansas City

David’s Tent DC


Suggested Books:

Watchman Prayer: Keeping the Enemy Out While Protecting Your Family, Home and Community
by Dutch Sheets

 The Lifestyle of a Watchman: A 21-Day Journey to Becoming a Guardian in Prayer

by James Goll

Watch of the Lord: The Secret Weapon of the Last-Day Church
By Mahesh Chavda