Lesson 2: Three Tasks of a Watchman

Watchmen of prayer have some very clear tasks to focus on in the Lord’s Kingdom. This lesson provides a clear understanding of those tasks and gives the biblical foundation toward becoming the people of prayer that God is looking for. Partnering with the Father in prayer will take your prayer life to a new level of power and effectiveness as you learn what it truly means to “watch and pray.”

In this lesson you will:

• learn three key spiritual elements of what it means to be a watchman.
• understand how prayer is a love relationship with God that involves partnership for the sake of the Kingdom.
• discover practical, biblical ways to pray as a watchman.
• understand what it means to pray from God’s perspective.


Watchful Praying by Dave Butts

• Waiting Upon God by Word of Life – Download PDF

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Discussion Questions:

1. In the article, “Watchful Praying,” Dave Butts makes this comment: “Watching and praying is a lifestyle focusing on seeing the kingdom of Christ advance and knowing that our prayers are a vital part of what God is doing on planet earth.” What do you think about this statement? Have you ever considered that your prayers can be involved in the work of His Kingdom? Why or why not?

2. What did you think about Dave’s father showing him how to watch the nations by giving him an opportunity to see prophecy fulfilled in Israel? Have you ever had such an experience through watching what God is doing in the nations…and even in our own nation? If so, share your experience.

3. In the video Dave said, “In worship we are learning to turn our focus on the Lord and to keep our eyes fixed on Him.” What does that look like for you currently? Does worship currently interact with your prayer life? Explain.

4. You have been presented with two different ways to watch God. What do you see as the difference between watching God to see what He will do and watching God in worship?

5. In the article “Waiting Upon God” the author states that it is very important to note what we do after we pray about an issue or problem that we bring before God. Do you find yourself still anxious, still holding on to the problem…or do you go “watch God” to see what He will do as Habakkuk did? How could this change the way you approach prayer?

6. What do you think about the author’s comments about God’s timing versus our own when it comes to prayer? How did you feel when presented with the reminder that God brought about His promise to send a redeemer for sin thousands of years after he spoke to Satan in the presence of Adam and Eve? (“And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will strike his heel.” – Genesis 3:15).

7. What would you need to adjust in your prayer life in order to trust God even when you recognize He might answer your prayer differently than you desire or expect? How do you handle the fact that you might not see or know the answer to some of your prayers until heaven?

8. Describe some practical ways you can watch what is happening around you and bring what you see into your prayer life.

9. What do you think about being invited by God to stand with Him in prayer and how can this way of looking at prayer affect how you pray?

10. How might you utilize your spiritual eyes and ears along with your physical eyes and ears to more effectively pray as you pay attention to what God is doing in the nations?

11. What do you think about God’s role as “a watcher”? How does it make you feel to know that He watches everything…even you?

12. How will you process the insights from Dave’s video and the reading you have done for this lesson to inform your prayer life beginning now. Explain any new understanding you have about prayer, or ask any questions that have emerged.

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Watch Dave’s Summary Video (2-3 minutes)

Spend Time in Prayer

As a group, during this specific time of prayer, choose one place to stand together as watchmen on the wall in prayer as you close out this course. For example: your families, your church, your community, nation, world, missions, youth group, etc. Use the Prayer Guide for Lesson 2 to inform your prayers using the three tasks of watchmen.

Use the Prayer Guide for Lesson 2 as the Lord leads you.


Next Steps:

This week, continue focusing on these three tasks of a watchman:

• Watch God – see Him for who He is, and worship Him in all His glory!
• Watch the World – pay attention to what God is doing all around you.
• Watch With God – join God as He watches…even as He watches you!

Here are two ways you can practice these steps:

Pray the News:
Take some time to watch the news and make it a prayer meeting with God. Invite your spouse, family or another friend or two to watch with you. Here is a good way to structure your time:

• Watching God – take a few minutes prior to the start of the news to worship! Ask God to show you how to see Him for all that He is. Sing, put on a worship song or proclaim Scripture that tells about God’s glory. Here are a few to use:

“Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and Amen” (Psalm 72:19).

“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen” (Romans 11:36).

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

As you watch the news, find ways to worship God even in the midst of news that is less than good. Take everything you watch, as you are watching, back to the Lord in worship-filled prayer while acknowledging that ultimately, He is in charge. Notice how your attitude is different as you pray this way.

• World Watching – watch God work in the nations, your nation, and even in your local area. Thank Him for allowing you to see what He is doing.

• Watching With God – ask God to show you what He sees as you watch the news With Him. Thank the Lord for his invitation to you to join him in watchful praying. Ask Him to teach you to see matters from His perspective and pray as His Spirit gives you direction.

• Ask the Father to show you how to be the answer to at least one of the prayers you have prayed during this time. Pay attention to what God does in and through you this week.

Take a Prayerwalk:

If you are unfamiliar with prayerwalking, here is a good how-to:

Here are some examples of places to prayerwalk:
• the churches in your community, praying for unity in the Body of Christ
• the schools in your community, praying for students, teachers, staff, administrators, curriculum choices, etc.
• the government buildings in your community, praying for local, state and national officials
• neighborhoods – your own or those around your church


Supplemental Material for Lesson 2:

Chosen as a Spiritual Watchman by James Goll
A great article about the modern watchman on the wall.

America Prays
Here is a very valuable website that can show you one way to be a part of the day and night prayer movement spreading across the earth. For more information about how your church can be a part of this movement, connect with your instructor for this course, Dave Butts, at

The Watchman – Paul Wilbur (8:26 minute video)

Lyrics for The Watchman
God has placed a watchman on your walls
Oh Jerusalem
They will not be silent day or night
Of the Lord they make constant mention
They will give no sleep to their eyes
Until God establishes grace
There will be no peace in their nights
Until the Lord makes Jerusalem a praise
He has sworn it by His strength
If you lift up your voices and call on the Lord
He will come
And the nations will see that salvation comes
From Zion
Oh no more waiting the anointing of God
Has begun
Oh blind eye will see as the captives go free
If you lift up your voices He’ll come
Behold the Lord has proclaimed this to
Ends of the earth
And though there’s fear in your
Streets tonight
Something’s already birthed
Tabernacle is rising right now
In the hearts of those who believe
There’s the sound of a freedom shout
Rising up from under your feet
If you lift up your voices and call on the Lord
He will come
And the nations will see that salvation comes
From Zion
Oh no more waiting the anointing of God
Has begun
Oh blind eye will see as the captives go free
If you lift up your voices He’ll come


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